Communicating School Finance: What Every Beginning Principal Needs To Know

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Communicating School Finance is an essential fiscal guide for beginning principals, designed to help them become truly conversant in the language of everyday educational money issues. Dr. Charles R. Waggoner discusses the basics and current trends of educational finance to provide the beginning principal with a firm foundation that is essential for novice principals.An excellent reference that is written in a clear, comprehensive manner, Communicating School Finance focuses on how to build budgets, how the principal affects the budget, and how the principal communicates the budget to the staff. It provides real-life examples that will guide school officials through the often incomprehensible maze of school funding.”Dr. Charles Waggoner has a wealth of successful experience from which to draw. Resourceful and very well read, Chuck has guided the financial fortunes of several districts with expediency and appropriate frugalness. This book is like a friend talking to the reader. Tells ‘em all they need to know and doesn’t scare them off or put them to sleep. Prospective principals should find it very useful without being overly labored.”-Roger Icenogle, ex-principal and assistant regional superintendent of schools.”Chuck Waggoner is a financial genius.”-Fred Abel, former professor of education

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